As your insurance agent, it’s our job to analyze your business and explain your coverage needs and provide a customized insurance program that fits your business. We will also show you how to manage, mitigate, and transfer risk to reduce potential claim exposures.

Nielson & Associates upon request will evaluate your workers compensation experience modification on file with the state. This can determine if you receive a large debit or a large credit on your policy; costing you thousands in operating costs if left unmanaged. Call for an evaluation today.
We will strive to make the claims process run as smoothly as possible. If needed Nielson & Associates will intercede and get your claim resolved fairly & quickly so you can get back in business. For future clients not with Nielson we can attempt to communicate with your current insurance company and guide you through the claims process. We can also analyze your claims history and attempt to manage or mitigate future losses.
We can offer a Loss Control Evaluation of your business to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your loss control programs and provide solution to reduce potential claims.
We can review your businesses strengths and weaknesses in your current insurance program and offer solutions to fix any potential gaps in your coverage.